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Joanna Wason : JW Anderson


The JW Anderson Workshops continues in its exhibition series following Giles Round by presenting handmade ceramics by Joanna Wason this July.

Jonathan Anderson first discovered Joanna Wason at an antiques auction and became mesmerised by her works. Anderson then went on to locate her in St Ives, Cornwall where she currently lives and works.

“I bought some of Joanna’s pottery at auction; found and asked her if we could do something together. Her creations are a perfect fit for the JW Anderson Workshops.” – Jonathan Anderson

Wason whose work spans over 40 years has created a selection of ceramics exclusively for the JW Anderson Workshops. The collection consists of 51 bottles, bowls, dishes and pots; in white porcelain white/pink porcelain; blue slipware, animal/fire glaze slipware, stoneware/porcelain with dark iron glaze and porcelain with iron glaze. Within this collection she has repeated her previous ceramic styles but also created one exclusive to the JW Anderson Workshops which Wason refers to as “black galactic” – a style displaying fine colour splats on black gloss.

‘I am deeply honoured that Jonathan has asked me to join him in collaborating my ceramics with his brand. I am looking forward to seeing JW Anderson designs and my pots displayed together at the Workshops.” – Joanna Wason

The exhibition will be held on Wednesday July 6th from 6-8pm at the JW Anderson Workshops, 100 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JQ. All ceramics can be purchased at exhibition and also thereafter at the JW Anderson Workshops until sell-out. Prices range from £28 to £350.

About Joanna Wason:
Joanna Wason is a Cornish potter. She assisted Janet Leach at the Leach Pottery, St Ives until her death and continued at the Leach Pottery until its temporary closure in 2005. She now works from her own studio near St Ives. Wason grew up near Bideford in Devon, and was influenced at a young age by the towns’ 400-year history of slipware production. She went on to study at Exeter College of Art and later Liverpool Art School and in 1988 came to the Leach Pottery to work alongside Janet, preparing clays, mixing glazes, making saggars for her special smoke firings and acting as her general assistant. Wason stayed on long after Janet’s death in 1997 and was one of the last staff potters at the Leach when it closed its doors in 2005. The Leach did then reopen under new directorship in 2008. She now works from her studio near St Ives making reduction fired, thrown or slab built pots in the Leach tradition, as well as creating her distinctive ceramic sculptures. Her husband, Jason Wason, is also a potter.

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